The Aucon engine

The aucon machine

The Aucon engine, still under construction, consists of two Aucon machines, compressor and expander. They are basically identical in design; only valves for inlet and outlet differ.

The advantages compared to the traditional piston engine are:


1 .As it doesn´t need a crank mechanism it has small unbalanced forces.


2. It has a longer moment arm than the traditional engine and therfore transmits a larger moment of torsion. Note that the moment arm of the piston engine is zero at the top center and gives no power in that position despite the combustion pressure being at its highest.


3. It has a low weigt/power ratio.


4. It has a complete scavenging of combusted gas as the volume containing that burned gas return to a zero volume (tangent line), and therefore there will not be any waste gases left mixed with fresh gas.


5. It has one combustion stroke for each revolution and corresponds to a two stroke engine with considerable better gas exchange and efficiency.


6. The working process divided into two units (compressor and expander) makes it possible to cool the hot compressed gas during the compression, which enables a higher compression rate for better efficiency.


7. It has a better flexibility to use alternative fuels.


8. It is relatively easy to create a variable combustion volume, which is favourable at low load.


9. The devision into two units makes it possible to vary the size relationship between them to utilize the gas pressure as much as possible in the expander for a given application.

The Aucon Engine

The thought behind the Aucon engine is that it would be developed as an alternative engine and gives a competitive potential against better environment. Therefore there is a great need of resources concerning venture capital, sponsors and co-operation to realize the idea. This is an invitation for cooperation.