About the machine

The aucon machine

The Aucon machine belongs to the group of so called rotary displacement machines, of which there are many on the market. Below some of them are depicted. Common to all is that they form volume changes during rotation in order to compress a fluid or to transform a fluid to a rotating movement. Compressors, air engines and pumps are examples of such machines. Each of them has advantages and drawbacks and thus a limited application area.


The difference with the Aucon machine is that it has a wider use because of a combination of simpler design and higher pressure.


Some displacement machines which are currently in use on the market


The cylinder of the Aucon machine has only one vane

...and assembled

The advantage of the Aucon machine is that it unites the best efficiency of the piston compressor and the flexibility of the small vane machines. It has a simple design and geometry for a cheaper manufacturing cost.

Wankel engine


DiPietro air engine

Scroll compressor

Axial compressor

vane pump

The Aucon machine

The rotor house split ..

the rotary piston

The Aucon machine has few parts

The photo shows two Aucon machines still under construction assembled to form a combustion engine. One of them is a compressor and the other is an expander..